Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sydney Aquarium

This past weekend was extremely rainy and overall pretty miserable outside.  We had high hopes to go to an outdoor wine and food festival at Manly Beach on Saturday and then see the Taronga Zoo on Sunday.  But, the weather had other plans and it was not a good weekend to go out exploring.  So, we decided to check out an indoor attraction; the Sydney Aquarium.  

Purple crayfish

I'm not sure what these little guys are, but they are pretty fascinating.

The poisonous stonefish

Carter and Aubrey standing next to the Japanese Spider Crab a.k.a. Crabzilla.  The crab in this picture has not even grown to its full size.

This is a closeup.  Yikes!

Moon jellyfish

Closeup of a Little Penguin; the only penguin species to live on the mainland of Australia.  Supposedly, there is a population of these penguins on the north side of Sydney Harbour.

Tunnel under the sharks and stingrays
Saw shark swimming overhead

I'm not sure what kind of stingray this is, but love the polkadots!
There were also lots of cool Lego creations located around the aquarium.  The kids enjoyed the Legos as much as the animals.
Whale tail made of Legos

And the grand finale of the aquarium.  The whale is made with Legos, as well as the wall behind the whale.

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